MBA Online Wesak Celebration Programs

Monday, 04 May 2020 17:29

Malaysian Buddhist Association (MBA) has cancelled Wesak Day gathering events in order to be in line with the government directives on Movement Control Order in consideration of maintaining public health and controlling Covid-19 pandemic. For public interest, MBA has prepared 2 series of online programs for all of us to celebrate Wesak Day in different venues concurrently. Furthermore, the bathing of Buddha Statue and Chanting will be broadcasted on MBA facebook start from 9am on 6th, May 2020, whereas the live interview will be started at 9am on wesak day,7th, May,2020. Please visit MBA website ( and facebook ( ) for further details.

1) Bathing of Buddha Statue and Chanting
Malaysia Buddhist Association has uploaded videos about bathing the Buddha statue and cultivating merits, recorded by the teachers and Sangha of Malaysian Buddhist Institute for public viewing. Although the public are not able to go to temples to bathe the Buddha statue, we could still participate in these auspicious activities at home online. The link of the video is .

2) Live Interview

Besides, MBA has produced a special Buddhist Educational Series named [Hand- in- hand and Togetherness Towards the Future]. This meaningful and live interview will be broadcasted on Wesak Day. MBA had specially invited dedicated venerables and monks who have been propagating the Dhamma for many years and experienced brothers and sisters in the Dhamma to share 8 Wesak related topics with us. The topics are “Celebration of Three Notable Events, Calculation Methodology of Buddhist Calendar, Buddhist Flag, 卍and The Noble Eightfold Paths, Wesak Day Celebration, The Verse of Bathing Buddha, Parade and Procession, Kindred Spirit with the Buddha, Compassion and Wisdom of the Buddha”. We hope that these programs will benefit everyone while staying at home on Wesak Day.

These topics offer the public a better understanding about Wesak Day; for instance, the beginning of parade and procession, the significance of bathing the Buddha statue, the 3 major commemorative events of Buddha’s life, how do we derive the Buddhist calendar and other Buddhist general knowledge. Moreover, we would also like to share ways to maintain a peaceful mind and to provide guidance to the public in applying the Dharma in our daily life during the Movement Control Order period.

The speakers are Veneable Kai Zun, Venerable Chuan Wen, Brother Keoh Lean Cheaw, Brother Loo Keat Seng, Brother Chong Hung Wang, Dr Hea Ai Sim, Brother Leong Sia Thuan, Sister Soo Mei Chee and Brother Goh Qing Song. Their details are as below:
a) Venerable Kai Zun –national council member of Malaysian Buddhist Association、vice president of Malaysian Buddhist Association(Penang Branch), lecturer of Malaysia Buddhist Institute, abbot of Penang Poh Oo Toong Temple and Ang Hock See Temple.
b) Venerable Chuan Wen-Ordained under venerable Guang Yu at year 1988, abbot of Hoeh Beng Buddhist Temple, founder of Dhamma Practitioner Camp and instructor of The Kwan Um School of Zen.
c) Brother Keoh Lean Cheaw- Pu Ai chairman, editor of Buddhist Digest and Buddhist youth and kid series.
d) Brother Loo Keat Seng-Vice honorary secretary of Malaysian Buddhist Association, lecture of Malaysian Buddhist Association, active in Triple Wisdom Hall Dhamma Study group.
e) Brother Chong Hung Wang - graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia ,ex-President of YBAM.
f) Sister Hea Ai Sim-Consultant of Lower Perak Buddhist Association and Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia
g) Brother Leong Sia Thuan-Graduated from University of Science, Malaysia,President of Persatuan Penganut Buddhis Hui Lin Xue Yuan, Principal of Hui Lin Xue Yuan Sunday Dhamma School.
h) Sister Soo Mei Chee- Master degree,University of Science, Malaysia, current vice principal of Sunday Dhamma School Tzu Yun Kong Temple.
i) Brother Goh Qing Song – Master of arts in religious study, University of the WEST, Director of Yayasan Belia Buddhist Malaysia.

Besides, Chief Minister of Penang YAB Chow Kon Yeow, committee chairman of women and family development, gender inclusiveness and religions other than Islam YB Chong Eng, Honorary Secretary of Malaysian Buddhist Association Venerable Ji Zun, Penang Wesak Celebrations Committee chairman Datuk Dr Loh Hock Hun will deliver their speech respectively in the program.

The members of Malaysian Buddhist Association hope that through the program to the public will enrich their innermost being, to understand and nurturing reverence to Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha during Movement Control Order period. Thus this will be an absolute meaningful Wesak Day. All Buddhists nationwide are welcomed to watch this online program as to have mutual affinity with Buddha. On this Buddha’s birthday, together we chant the “Verse of Bathing Buddha”, to bless for the world’s purification, pandemic be eradicated completely, dedicate the merit for human heart towards Dharma, long abiding of the true teaching.

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